Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kindergarten Projects

Mrs. Morris  -  Black Inventors

Mrs. Flowers-Atkins  -   Making Paper

Mrs. Stephanie Williams   -  Making Paper
1st Grade Projects
 (Engineering in Literacy) - "The Three Little Pigs" Story

Mrs. Melinda Katona  -  Exploring Bridges

Mrs.  Joyce Teshara-Tartt   -  Drag Racers

Mrs.  Kathleen Post  -  Balance and Motion
2nd / 3rd Grade Projects

Mrs. Carrie Jiampa  -
       The Weight of the Matter

Ms. Heather Polen  - The Weight of the Mattter

Mrs.  R.  Hall  -
       Public Service Announcements - Recess Game Rules

4th Grade Projects 

Mrs. Debbie Reels-Mothershed  -  B7's Happenings

Mrs. Kymberlee Reels  -  Magnets

4th / 5th Grade Projects

Mr. Hickenbottom  -  Student Blogs

Mrs.  Kim Barnes  -   Public Service Annoucements

Mr.  James Smith  -    
          Early Colonies of the United States

Reba Gordon Matthews - 
Project Research Lab National NASA Explorer School Symposiums

Michael Cook
Science Lab - Magnets